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Useful Links

Australian Guidance and Counselling Association


Australian Health Promoting Schools Association


Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney

Presents a useful overview of what is Solution-focused Brief Therapy


Case Management Society of Australia

Dedicated to the support and development of the practice of quality CM


Hunter Institute of Mental Health

Promotes mental health and improve outcomes for people with mental illness, through education
and training, health promotion, research and evaluation.



A resource to support Australian secondary schools in promoting and protecting the social and
emotional wellbeing of members of school communities.


MindMatters Plus

Aims to enhance the capacity of secondary schools to support students who have needs in the area
of mental health and wellbeing.


MindMatters Families Matter

Families Matter is a national resource for family members and carers to work in partnership with schools to support the wellbeing of young people.


Response Ability

Provides information to support use of the Response Ability resources on mental health issues in Australian universities, in Secondary Education or Journalism.


Reach Out! Confidentiality

This fact sheet, written primarily for young people, contains information about confidentiality � what it is, the role of health professionals and confidentiality, and a person�s rights to confidentiality, the limitations to confidentiality etc.


Law Stuff. Know your rights

Information about the legal age to automatic rights to confidential health care in your state


Indigenous Psychological Services

Indigenous Psychological Services is the only provider of psychology specific services for the Indigenous people of Australia. IPS provides clinical and assessment work in mental health for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. IPS further supports these services with continuing culturally appropriate and scientifically sound research into the particular needs of Aboriginal people and the ongoing development of resources.


Lifeline Australia

Working to help prevent suicide


Lifeline: Just Ask

Just Ask is Lifeline's rural mental health information service. It's an Australia-wide service provided by Lifeline South Coast. They provide information and referral for people with mental health problems, and to friends, relatives and others who want to know how to help. They tell callers about relevant local services, as well as books and web sites. They also provide their own self-help information sheets on a range of areas.


Program of Assistance for the Survivors of Torture and Trauma

The Program of Assistance for the Survivors of Torture and Trauma (PASTT) promotes the health and wellbeing of people who have experienced torture and trauma prior to their arrival in Australia.



SSAFE (Same-Sex Attracted Friendly Environments) in Schools

SSAFE in Schools, a project of Family Planning Victoria and the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at LaTrobe University, aims to support school communities in challenging homophobia and creating safe learning environments for same-sex attracted and gender nonconforming students. This website is for anyone in the school community looking for resources, strategies and activities to support curriculum development, teacher training, provision of information to parents and the broader community and support for individual students.



CREATE Foundation connects and empowers children and young people in care and improves the care system through activities, programs, training and policy advice.



This is a training package for key teachers and case coordinators working with "chronic truants". The package assists in assessing relevant factors, planning support and processes for individual students and integrates the notion on values as articulated in the Curriculum Framework. To download the document click here 25/08/00. (size 999K)

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