Research Participation Opportunities

The following research projects are currently available to participate in (March, 2020).

  • Future Proofing study by the Black Dog Institute. Almost a quarter of young Australians are experiencing psychological distress, according to the latest Black Dog Institute and Mission Australia Youth Report. But treatment alone is not enough to fix this growing problem. The Black Dog Institute is running a world-first study – Future Proofing – to put smartphones to the mental health test, assessing whether apps can enhance and protect youth mental health. They’re calling for schools across NSW, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide to join the trial, with the goal of recruiting 400 schools and up to 20,000 Year 8 students to examine the effectiveness of mental health apps at scale. This unprecedented trial is the first step towards empowering young people with the tools to thrive, connect and succeed in a rapidly changing digital world.


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  • Development of performance measure for identification of adolescent deliberate self-harm. School psychologists and counsellors play a key front-line role working with teenagers who deliberately self-harm (DSH). Working with DSH is tricky - these behaviours often indicate a range of potential mental health problems, including suicide risk, but it can be very difficult to determine how serious these risks are. Telethon Kids Institute, in collaboration with CAMHS, the University of Western Australia, Curtin University, and the University of Houston in Texas, is developing tools that aim to make it easier for professionals to identify these risks. To do this, they need to better understand how school psychologists identify risk currently, and their thoughts on appropriate care pathways. They are now trialling a set of vignettes that provide examples of young people engaging in DSH. They are seeking school psychologists and counsellors to look at these vignettes, indicate what they think is going on for the student and how they might respond in these situations. This trial will involve a 30-minute survey to read the vignettes and provide feedback. To read more about the study and access the survey, please click here DSH Vignette Study (Psychologist). Please note that your employer organisation may require further approvals before employees may participate in research by external parties. Refer to your employer's policy regarding the approval process. The University of Western Australia ethics approval for this project can be viewed here.


  • Psychologists' use of and attitudes towards assessment tools in clinical practice. Please click here to view the invitation to participate and here to view the study's ethics approval.

Disclaimer: The advertised research is not being conducted by APACS, but by non-affiliated groups.

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