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The ESCM Kit

This section consists of a kit which is designed to engage school-based staff (eg. principals, deputy principals, heads of departments, team leaders, student services personnel, teachers) in consultation with mental health specialists (eg. school psychologists, school counselors, social workers, youth workers, and G.P.'s) in appraising and developing the quality of their school's case management practices. It is assumed that school-based staff are not necessarily specialists in the area of school case management but are involved in some capacity in working with students who have support needs.

Checklists based on the framework in section 2, which require staff to appraise the extent to which they consider particular aspects of effective school management practices to be developed in their school. These checklists focus on the processes associated with effective school case management, and include a section on "establishing a school-based system", and a section on strategies (Case Identification; Referral; Assessment; Planning; Implementation; Transition/Closure/Completion; Evaluation).

Case management development forms which give staff the opportunity to target particular aspects of their case management practices for development and improvement;

A range of summaries of the main aspects of school case management which can be used as part of a professional learning program;

A pro-forma sample of a case conference record which includes an action plan and can be adapted to suit particular contexts;

A professional development package, consisting of a series of prepared presentations made available in both PDF and PowerPoint formats;

An example of a school's process for case management (available as a separate Power Point file);

A list of useful websites which are associated with mental health in schools and case management.

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