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Many of you will be working from home at the moment and connecting with students online. We think that it is vitally important for you to continue working with your school colleagues to support all students at your schools, wherever they are. Please be mindful of the associations’ and your affiliate associations’ code of ethics in all the work that you do at this time. And please take advantage of the clinical supervision offered by both your peers and supervisors to address new and evolving issues, including technology issues in providing your services to students. Familiarise yourself with your states’ employing authority’s rules, regulations and platforms for connecting with technology with your students. We hope to provide some best practice guidelines on the website for members in the coming weeks, together with possible tips and professional development opportunities.

Professor Marilyn Campbell

Media spokesperson for the Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools

April 21st, 2020

A message for psychologists and counsellors working in schools

in the time of COVID-19 about e-safety.

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