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From the President

July, 2018



Dear APACS Members,

We owe all APACS National Committee Members gratitude as they work through various tasks to improve benefits to members. In particular, John Noble has been working hard to ensure that we remain in a sound financial position and maintain great value for members. Marilyn Campbell and Susan Colmar have provided another outstanding edition of the journal that we can all be proud of as APACS members. Brain Bazzo is working hard to improve membership, communication with APACS'
stateorganisations, and record-keeping with state membership secretaries. Coosje Griffiths and Sandra Wiggins have been working on a revision of our Constitution - a complex task that will be presented at our AGM later this year. Camillia Acosta and Andrew Stephens are working to establish the International School Psychology and Counselling Interest Group (ISPCIG) and more information will become available soon. Phoebe Burchill continues to develop and improve the website. Stella Rodgers is providing great leadership in keeping us all up to date with organisational matters.

Sandra Groves, Camillia Acosta and I have been working with the APACS Conference Committee to
ensurethe conference is once again a high-quality event. We have worked hard to incorporate recommendations from participants of last year’s conference and the APACS 2018 Conference promises to be even better than last year's with outstanding practitioners and academics presenting on new practice trends. It will be a great opportunity to network and reconnect with old friends. Please make sure you put this in your diary be at the Rendezvous Hotel from 3 to 5 October in Melbourne.

Finally, we farewell one of the hardest working members of the committee, Brian Day. Brian’s even-handed and thoughtful approach has had a profound impact on the committee and the quality of the decisions that have been made in his time. Brian has decided to concentrate on his leadership role
inQueensland Guidance and Counselling Association (QGCA). Of course, we will still be working closely with Brian in this role.

Once again, don’t forget to keep an eye out for further information about this year's conference and other exciting APACS events.


Terry Bowles

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