The APACS Committee

The APACS National Committee is made up of individuals from the various State and Territory organisations.

There is an executive committee and also representative members from each State and Territory.


Eileen is a registered psychologist who brings more than 30 years experience working in both Western Australian and Victorian government schools to the role of APACS President.  Since 2013 she has been employed in the capacity of Lead School Psychologist with the WA Department of Education and as an. Adjunct Lecturer with James Cook University, she delivers Psychology Board approved supervisor training within the Department.  As past President of the School Psychologists' Association of WA she led an effective and dynamic team of volunteers dedicated to connecting, informing and inspiring their colleagues. Eileen has particular interest in the areas of  promoting safe and supportive schools, leadership development, change management, and developing positive workplace and organisational cultures. She sees her role as President of APACS to be supporting her commitment to developing the next generation of psychologists and counsellors in Australian schools.



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Membership Secretary


What motivated my career change to become a School Psychologist ?

When teaching at Shortland PS (a Newcastle NSW suburb), a young 8 year old student (Tom) + his parents asked some pertinent questions as to why he couldn’t read like his peers. From there, my interest was aroused in “special education” and neuropsychology. The school was near the University of Newcastle so I commenced part-time studies from 4pm onwards !! This continued for some years until I completed a B.A. and then a Masters degree.


Past Educational Experiences that added to being an effective School Psychologist :

            -    becoming a parent !!!!

  • being a male teacher of a Kindergarten class in Newcastle

  • teaching migrant students to learn English and to read

  • a school principal in a rural, disadvantaged school

  • working in drought-ravaged western NSW with its diverse characters


Experiences / Interests beyond School Psychology

  • I obtained a Pilots licence (which I still hold) before I was able to have a drivers licence, and before I completed Year 12 !!!

  • Being “called up” for National Service (Vietnam)

  • Experiences in the Air Force and Qantas

  • Being Treasurer for 20 years of the largest sporting organisation on Far North Coast NSW

  • Travel !!!  ( broadens one’s understanding / insights)

  • Seeing my three children thrive through university and into wonderful career and sporting experiences, that have resulted in numerous overseas travel opportunities

  • Recent highlight is becoming a grandparent of 3 “treasures” (a wonderful new stage in life)



- Being able to share my positive experiences of 40+ years in assisting children, their parents and teachers with colleagues who are still in a professional situation role that “do make a difference”

  • Being in retirement (now for some 5 years), having some time to enable a national organisation APACS to grow - so that present colleagues know of and benefit from practical support across our whole country.



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Professor Marilyn Campbell has been a member of APACS since 1987. She served as QGCA president for seven years and in 2007 took up the editorship of the Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools. Marilyn has taught in infants, primary and secondary schools, been a teacher-librarian and a school counsellor. Presently she is at the Queensland University of Technology teaching in educational psychology.

Journal Editor


I am the Editor of Applied Practices on the APACS National Committee and the Tertiary Representative on the APACS NSW Committee.

My role as the Editor of Applied Practices includes

  • Eliciting and soliciting articles, which is particularly important during conferences and PD events, although I follow up appropriate possibilities at other times too.

  • Allocating articles submitted to appropriate reviewers.

  • Monitoring the review process and making editorial decisions regarding each paper, including providing feedback to authors and reviewers.

  • Reading all articles.

  • Writing journal editorials.

  • Liaising with the Journal Editor, Professor Marilyn Campbell

  • Attending APACS National committee meetings regularly in this specific role, to which I was elected at the 2011 AGM following the successful passing of my motion to establish this new section: Applied Practices, in the journal.


My regular role outside of APACS is as the Program Director School Counselling/School Psychology, Associate Professor, at The University of Sydney.

Applied Practices Editor



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Technology Coordinator



APACS Logo 6.jpg

Dip Teach (Primary), BEd, Cert. Sp Ed, MEd (Guidance and Counselling)
Jeneane was QGCA president from 2007 to 2014. She is now enjoying retirement after a career working for Education Queensland as a senior guidance officer working with developmental guidance officers, a guidance officer, support teacher and primary teacher. She also was Metropolitan Regional Coordinator for the More Support for Students with Disability Project. During her retirement, she has enjoyed her casual and contract work as a guidance officer in schools. Core professional interests include psychoeducational assessment, students with disabilities, training, induction and supervision of guidance officers.

Newsletter Editor


State Representatives

Sandra Wiggins.png

I have been a member of TSPA since 2009, which was the time we ran our very successful National Conference in Tasmania. I am currently working as a School Psychologist in a K - 12 Independent School, based in the High School. Prior to this I worked as Guidance Officer in Mildura, Victoria, and previously in Child Protection in both Victoria and Tasmania. Professionally my specific interests currently are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and CHC assessments. Personally I enjoy playing hockey, swimming and running, and spending time with my family and pets. 



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Head of Sales


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Product Manager


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