The Australian Psychologists & Counsellors in Schools (APACS)

APACS is a national professional association for school psychologists, school counsellors and guidance officers.


APACS currently has 3 branches (NSW, ACT and Victoria) and state-based affiliates (SPAWA, QCGA, APACS.SA, TSPA). Members in NT and based overseas may also apply to become APACS members.


You can view APACS' current constitution here.

Our Objectives

Please note our objectives (as set out in our Articles of Association) below:

  • (a) To work for the professional development and welfare of members;
  • (b) To promote the guidance position as one of responsibility and significance in education.
  • (c) To work for the betterment of guidance and special education provisions.
  • (d) To promote an adequate level of professional training and supervision.
  • (e) To promote a forum for members to discuss matters of common concern and professional interest including:
  • (aa) Philosophies underlying education in general, with guidance, special education and support services in particular;
  • (bb) Current trends in education;
  • (cc) Provision for children with special needs;
  • (dd) Community involvement and the rights and responsibilities of parents;
  • (ee) Current and proposed policies of ministries and departments of education; and
  • (ff) Other matters of interest to members.
  • (f) To affiliate with national and international guidance and counselling organisations.
  • (g) To initiate discussions with senior officers of ministries or departments of education, those discussions to centre on matters of common interest to members.
  • (h) To comment publicly where appropriate on professional issues of relevance to our membership.
  • (i) To promote research in the area of guidance and counselling.
  • (j) To promote and publish such journals, monographs and other publications as the company shall from time to time decide.
  • (k) To co-operate with other professional, educational, welfare and community organisations.