APACS is the peak national professional association for school psychologists, school counsellors and guidance officers in Australia. 


We have over one thousand members across Australia who work in diverse school settings as school psychologists, guidance officers and school counsellors.

We provide leadership and support to our members in school psychology, educational guidance and counselling to support their crucial work in Australian schools.


APACS was formed in 1986 under the the previous title of the Australian Guidance and Counselling Association.  

APACS consists of four state-based affiliate organisations: APACS SA,  QCGA and TSPA (NSW is currently in the process of converting to an affiliate organisation). Members in NT and Victoria are welcome to apply to neighbouring state organisations to become APACS members.


The APACS committee meets every month to build on the provision of professional activities and resources that promote current professional knowledge, best practice and collegiate connection.  We engage in dialogue with media, policy makers, AHPRA, members of the public and members on critical issues that impact the profession and the educational outcomes and wellbeing of young people in Australian schools. 

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